Security Services


Maritime Security

Several owners/operators of seaport facilities prefer to outsource the security services and/or the management of security at their facilities, while maintaining the levels of security required by the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Based on our expertise and years of experience, we offer a professional service which provides physical security at seaport facilities on contract with the owners/operators of the facility.  We currently provide this service to Kingston Wharves Limited, located at Port Bustamante, Kingston, Jamaica.

Industrial Security

Established in February 2008, SAL Security Services (SSS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Security Administrators Limited (SAL), providing industrial security services.  Building on the over 20 years’ experience and expertise of its parent company in maritime security, SSS has assembled a professional and motivated team.

The competency of the team has facilitated the company’s accelerated operations and growth, that to date, include over 200 trained security officers providing industrial/commercial security services, specialized port services, detailed security surveys, CCTV monitoring and 24-hour mobile response.  SSS continues to excel at providing the mammoth security needs for Kingston Wharves Limited.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers with an efficient service executed by a security force that is empowered through continuous training and supervision.


All security officers employed to the company must undergo extensive security screening, including antecedent background checks with the Criminal Records Office (CRO).  They are all fingerprinted by the Police Department in order to provide the company with a police certificate of character, which is placed on his/her personnel file, and a copy of this is sent to the Private Security Regulation Authority.  Candidates who fail to satisfy the Police checks are NOT employed.

Rules and regulations governing the normal duties of the security officer with this company are provided to each employee and in addition, special procedures required at assigned posts are carefully explained.


Underwater Inspections

Since 2006, SAL has been the only security organization in the Region providing underwater inspection services.   Our operators and technicians, who are trained overseas by the manufacturers of the equipment, are retrained annually for certification.   We currently provide this service for several shipping lines/agents that call at Port Bustamante and other ports in Kingston, Jamaica, and have been involved in search and rescue missions with the national security authorities.

This service involves the use of state of the art equipment in the form of an underwater submersible, equipped with a camera, that is used to inspect the hulls of vessels and docking areas at the facilities, and to provide real-time visual feeds to the operators and ship personnel.

Port Facility Security Assessments (PFSAs) & Port Facility Security Plans (PFSPs)

After the 2001 terrorist attacks on the USA (9/11), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) created security guidelines for all vessels and seaports involved in International Trade, notably the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

The ISPS (Code) requires that all seaport facilities be certified after completing a Port Facility Security Assessment (PFSA) and a Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP).

Security Administrators Limited is a Recognized Security Organization (RSO) appointed by the Government of Jamaica and is qualified to conduct Port Facility Security Assessments and Port Facility Security Plans. Our expertise in this area is evident by the fact that of the fourteen (14) seaports in Jamaica which have been certified to date, SAL conducted the assessments and/or prepared the plans for ten (10) of these facilities. In addition, we have also performed these services for several facilities throughout the Caribbean.


Planning and Coordinating (ISPS) Security Training Exercises, Audits and Drills

We have developed the expertise and have the experience of planning and coordinating Security Training Exercises and training Port Facility Security Officers to conduct their own.


Specialist Anti-Narcotic Vessel Security

We have designed and implemented specialist anti-narcotic security systems which we have used successfully to ensure the integrity of vessels calling at ports in Jamaica.


Provision of Security Managers

Shipping lines/agents and port facilities which require the services of a security manager have found it beneficial to utilize our services.


Management of Contract Labour

Kingston Wharves Limited currently enjoys this service by way of Security Administrators Limited providing Cargo Handlers who are used to locate cargo in the warehouses, Ramp Attendants who assist customers in loading cargo into their vehicles, and Courtesy Bus Drivers for their internal bus service.


Pre-Employment Screening & Private Investigation

This service is provided using personnel who have been trained in the National Forces (Police or Army) and have gained investigative experience over the years with these entities.