Security Management and Consultancy


Security Consultancy

Security Administrators Limited (SAL) is a limited liability Jamaican company, which holds a licence to provide security services in keeping with the requirements of the Private Security Regulation Authority Act.  Over the past 27 years, SAL has established itself as a leader in industrial security and maritime security management services, providing security services at both Kingston Wharves Limited and Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited, collectively known as Port Bustamante, as well as covering ships and cargoes transiting both facilities.  Our services include, inter alia:

  • Specialist Anti-Narcotic Security for Ships and Port Facilities;
  • Seal Management Services for  Shipping Lines (Est. Weekly Average: 7000);
  • On-site Presence and Seal Management Services for Customs Inspections of Shipping Containers;
  • Industrial Security Services for Maritime and Non-Maritime Business Entities;
  • Specialized Maritime Security Training and Certification;
  • Ship (Underwater and Above-water) and Pier-side Inspections; and
  • Facility Security Assessments and Planning.

In respect to our Specialist Anti-Narcotic Security Services, we recognize that our accuracy, attention to detail and accountability are critical to our customers’ operations.  We have invested much time and effort in selecting, screening and training our personnel to operate at standards that are consistent with a quality of service that is guaranteed to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.