Psychometric Assessments


Psychometric Assessments

Hiring and placement decisions can have a huge impact on the performance of your team, function or line of business.  The recruitment of personnel and the assignment of employees to specific appointments are key determinants in respect of the value that your employees bring to your organization.  If the processes are flawed, your overall operations will invariably be affected.  These inevitable questions must therefore be given appropriate consideration:

  • Do we have the right person for the job?
  • Do we have the right person in the job?
  • Do we have the right job for the person?

Psychometric Assessments are tools that can greatly assist in addressing these critical issues. The assessments are designed to evaluate/rate candidates’ suitability for specific jobs by comparing the candidates’ personality and cognitive attributes against the pre-determined requirements for satisfactorily performing the job.

This information may then be used by the employer to guide them in their selection and placement process by:

  • Determining the job fit based on the comparison of results to job specification;
  • Identifying the hidden aspects of the candidates that are difficult to extract from face-to-face interviews; and
  • Determining career progression prospects for employees.

We believe that prospective employers stand to benefit considerably from the use of psychometric assessment services as a tool to guide their personnel recruitment and placement processes and thus be in a better position to have the Right Person in the Right Job at the Right Time.

Security Administrators Limited (SAL) can provide these psychometric assessment services at cost effective rates.

SAL utilizes the assessment tools provided by Thomas International.  Our personnel have been trained to administer the various tests and compile the assessment reports appurtenant to our customers’ requirements. The tests/assessments available include inter alia:

  • Job Profile/Candidate Profile Assessments;
  • Personal Leadership Potential Assessments;
  • Training Needs Assessments; and
  • Interviewers Guides (for post-assessment face-to-face interviews).

The assessment is internet-based and can therefore be administered speedily.   On completion of assessments by the candidate, the reports will be generated and e-mailed to you within 24 hours.