The management of SAL/SSS is headed by Mr. Grantley Stephenson (Chairman), and Captain George Reynolds (Managing Director).  Mr. Stephenson has considerable experience in the shipping industry and holds a number of strategic leadership appointments locally and regionally, while Captain Reynolds has worked in the military/security arena for over 30 years. Both have taken hands-on management roles in the Company.  In addition, the Board of Directors continues to provide key management expertise.

Board of Directors

  • Grantley Stephenson, CD JP, Chairman – SAL; CEO – Kingston Wharves Limited
  • Captain(N) George Reynolds, OD JP, Managing Director
  • Alister Cooke, OD JP
  • David Powell, Vice President & Chief Group Internal Auditor, Port Authority of Jamaica
  • Rosalie Donaldson, Senior Vice President, International Marketing and Client Services, Port Authority of Jamaica
  • Mark Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Kingston Wharves Limited

  • Clover Moodie, Chief Financial Officer, Kingston Wharves Limited